Welcome Nova Scotia Pond of the Honorable Order of the Blue Goose, International

We are a fraternal organization of men and women who work in the insurance industry and related businesses.

The precepts of our Order are the promotion of Charity, Good Fellowship and Acts of Benevolence.
The Blue Goose has over 6,000 members throughout the United States, Canada and Australia.  Our Pond was chartered in 1955, and has 122 active and life-time members. 

Our charities are the Special Olympics Society of Nova Scotia and the Parker Street Food and Furniture Bank.  Through the variety of functions we host each year...

...we raise funds to assist them with their programs.  It is estimated that we have provided in excess of $50,000 to their causes. 

Our Pond meets monthly, at a designated location, for a gathering and dinner and encourages the participation of all members.


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