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Name:  Honorable Order of the Blue Goose, International

Object:  The object of this Order shall be the promotion of charity, good fellowship and acts of benevolence among its members.

Governing Body:  Made up of the state and provincial Ponds known as Grand Nest, its officers to be elected annually by delegates from the Ponds.  Members of Ponds shall be known as Ganders.

Officers of Grand Nest:  Most Loyal Grand Gander

Grand Supervisor of the Flock

Grand Custodian of the Ganders

Grand Guardian of the Nest

Grand Keeper of the Gold Goose Egg

Grand Wielder of the Goose Quill

Delegates:  Not to exceed 2 delegates from each Pond

Fiscal Year:  Grand Nest shall begin July 1st of each year and end June 30th the succeeding year

Grand Nest Annual Meeting:  Usually mid August but may vary depending on sponsoring association planning.   Majority of the time the convention will begin Sunday afternoon and end Wednesday night with a gala ball.  This is a family convention with children of all ages welcome.  The events are well planned to give moms and dads fun with the knowledge that their children are in good hands.


Officers:  An Executive search committee seeks out candidates to fill the vacancy(ies).  They are presented to the Pond and elected by majority vote.  Candidates may come from the new member ranks or seasoned vets.  They shall hold office for one year at each position or until their successors are found and consist of:  Most Loyal Gander (MLG), Supervisor of the Flock (SOF), Custodian of the Goslings (COG), Guardian of the Pond (GOP), Keeper of the Golden Goose Egg (KGGE), Wielder of the Goose Quill (WGQ), Permanent Wielder (PW).
Click here for the current year's executive.

A past or Present Grand Nest Officer (our Pond has two such individuals), or present Most Loyal Gander, shall install officers - Elect at the same meeting at which they are elected.

Meetings:  Meetings of Ponds may be held at any time on call of the Most Loyal Gander or his/her successor.  The Nova Scotia Pond typically meets every month from October to May, at a location chosen by the MLG.

Fiscal Year:  Shall begin on July 1st and end on June 30th of each year.

Delegates:  A maximum of two delegates represent the Pond at the Grand Nest Convention.  The Pond supports the delegates with funding.  First refusal to be a delegate falls to the Most Loyal gander and then to the executive members after that.  If there still is no delegate(s) it will fall to PMLG's, and then to the members at large in good standing.

Elections:  Ballot box method or, on occasion, raised hands.  Candidates receiving a majority vote shall be declared elected.  Voting tends to be more ceremonial than official.

Quorum:  Ten Ganders of a Pond shall constitute a quorum.

Vacancies:  Offices of the Pond shall be filled by ballot at any regular or called meeting, and a majority of the votes cast shall elect.

Executive:  Committee is empowered in the intervals between meetings, to transact routine business needing immediate attention.  It consists of the MLG, SOF and WGQ.

Membership:  Is the only standing committee and consists of 3 Ganders appointed by the MLG.  The criteria for membership are laid out in the Order's Constitution.

Dues:  The Nova Scotia Pond charges an annual fee of $50, $20 of that goes to Grand Nest and the remainder is used to help fund pond activities.


Most Loyal Gander (MLG) - Duties shall be; to call the flock together and direct its meanderings; to supervise the conferring of the degree; to deliver the secret work of the Pond; to maintain a dignity and decorum; to have the general supervision and management of the offices of the Pond; to promote the increase of its membership, and to execute vouchers authorizing disbursement by the KGGE.

Supervisor of the Flock (SOF) - Duties shall be: to preside in the absence of the MLG; to assist in preserving order; to order the admittance of all Ganders entitled to enter during the session upon the satisfactory report of the Guardian of the Pond, and to assist in the conferring of the degree.

Custodian of the Goslings (COG) - Duties shall be; to welcome and introduce visiting Ganders; to receive innocent and unsuspecting Goslings and to accompany and give them safe guidance at their first swim in the Pond; to supervise all preparations for conferring the degree; to take up the password upon the opening of the Pond and satisfy him/her/self that all present are Ganders, then he/she will report to the SOF; to have custody of the insignia and paraphernalia of the Pond, and to be responsible for its safekeeping and presence when required for use.

Guardian of the Pond (GOP) - Duties shall be; to receive the password from all Ganders desiring to enter therein while a meeting is in session.  If found correct, to admit them on order of the SOF.

Keeper of the Golden Goose Egg (KGGE) - Duties shall be; to receive all funds paid over to him/her by the WGQ, giving proper receipts and disbursements of the Pond and to pay out such sums as may be called for by voucher by the WGQ, the signed by the MLG.

Wielder of the Goose Quill (WGQ) - Duties shall be; to keep a proper record of all proceedings of the Pond; to receive and present applications from strange goslings seeking entrance, and such other communications as may be presented; to maintain a complete membership list; to collect and transmit to the KGGE all funds, to countersign vouchers executed by the MLG covering disbursements by the KGGE, and to make all required report to the GWGQ.

Guards - Duties to prepare and present strange goslings for their first swim in the Pond, and to assist the COG in conferring the degree.



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